Lesson 13º










Now we are going to make a balloon in the shape of a horse.

It is similar to the dog, but has a different design.

A great advantage of this course, apart from the balloons being pretty and easy to make, is that the material costs are very low.



You can also draw on the balloons.



Materials needed:

1 orange balloon N.270

Balloon pump

1 permanent black marker pen



Inflate the balloon so that it is at 3/4 of its capacity.




Now on the end where you can see the knot, start making the first ball. This needs to be of a medium size as it will resemble the nose. Remember to always hold onto the ball that you have just made. Don't let go of it until you have done the next.



Make two smaller ones to resemble the eyes.




Then pass the last knot of the second small ball and join it the knot from the first ball which we made for the nose.

When we join them we will create the horse's nose and face.

Here you can see where we are up to.