Lesson 14º










Now make a longer ball which we can use for the horse's neck.




Next we will make a larger ball.

This will be the horse's neck.



The ball that we make will be bigger.



Hold onto the ball that you made to resemble the neck and make two smaller balls.

These will be the horse's front legs.



Here you can see me making the horse's legs.



Now we have finished making the two balls, we will go onto joining them to form an axle. Make them join at the last knot of the second leg with the last knot of the horse's neck.

Look at the procedure in the photo.



Join the balls that we have made for the legs to the knot that you have made for the horse's neck.



Here you can see the result.

You can see how we have joined the different parts.

You can see how the horse is coming along.



Now make a larger ball for the horse's body.



Make two more balls to represent the horse's back legs.



Repeat the procuedre that we did with the front legs.



Join the knot from the last ball to the knot from the torso.

You can see the procedure in the photo.



You can see it is an easy procedure to follow.



You will now create the horse's tail.

In the photos you can see how the horse is taking shape.

You can leave it like this or you can make another ball in the tail.

As you can see it has been quite easy to make.

It is a fun entertaining hobby which will make you popular with many people, especially children.



You can leave your horse like that or you can draw a funny face on it.

This part is optional.

We are going to show you how to draw the face.

We are going to use a black marker pen.



We will draw a few lines to resemble the horse's hair and a saddle.

Remember you have to use your imagination.



Here you can see the finished horse.

We hope that you have enjoyed this figure and that you make one at home.

As you can see it is easy.

This course is a lot of fun!



Lets make another figure.