Lesson 15º










Now we are going to make a new balloon figure.

We are going to make a CAMEL.



Materials needed:

1 Green balloon 270

1 Pump

1 Black maker pen



Using the pump, inflate the balloon 3/4 of its capacity.

Here you can see the procedure.




Tie the end into a knot.




Take hold of the end where the knot is and make a small ball to represent the nose. Make two smaller ones to represent the eyes.



We will make the balls smaller.




We have now made three balls, one for the nose and two for the eyes.

Next we will join them to make the camel's face.



Pass the last knot (the one you made for the eyes) through the knot that you made for the nose. This will make an axle.



Here you can see the process.



Now we will make a larger ball which we will use for the neck.