Lesson 16º










After completing the ball that we are going to use to represent the neck, we will make two smaller balls, which we will use for the camel's two front legs.



Here you can see the balls that will be the camel's legs.

We can follow the same procedure as with the horse.



Join the balls to make the legs.



Here you can see how we carry out the process.



Join them together.




Twist the balloon once or twice so that it doesn't come undone.



Here you can see the camel's front legs.



We have made one more ball for the torso.



Now make a smaller ball, we will use this for the camel's hump.



After completing the small ball which will be the hump, twist the balloon, making the ball slightly more rounder. Join the 2 knots of the small ball.



Here you can see how we twist the balloon.



We are trying to make a hump, as you can see from the picture.