Lesson 17º










After making the hump, make another ball.

Then we will make another two balls, which will be the legs.



As you can see we make another two balls. We will use these to resemble the two back legs.



What is left of the balloon we can use for the tail.



We will join the balls which will be the back legs.

The process is the same as we have done for the front legs.



We will automatically form the tail with what is left of the balloon.

You can also make a small ball at the end of the balloon. Although this is more common in a dog.

You can also inflate a little and carefully and tie a knot.

Here you can see how the camel.

It is very sweet, you can leave it like this or you can draw the face.

It all depends on your taste.



We will draw the face.

Now we take the permanent marker pen and draw the eyes.



Here we are drawing the two eyes.




Here are we drawing the nose and the mouth.




Here you can see the finished camel.

It is fun and easy to make.

We hope that you have enjoyed making it.

Making figures with balloons is a nice hobby.



Let's continue by making another balloon figure.

Let's go!