Lesson 18º










Now we are going to make a really pretty balloon.

A pretty butterfly.

It is easy to make.

This is one of the easiest figures to make.

You can make it for children.



Materials needed:

2 Yellow balloons # 9

2 Sky blue balloons # 9

1 Green balloon 270

1 sectioned red balloon

Pump to inflate balloons



Take the yellow balloon, flate it with the pump so that it is of a medium size and then tie a knot.

Continue with the same process on the second yellow balloon.



Make a simple knot




Inflate the two sky-blue balloons



Now join the two sky blue balloons by making a knot with the ends of the balloons.



They should look like this.



Carry out the same process with the yellow balloons.



Now join the four balloons together by passing the knot from the yellow balloon throught the knot of the sky blue balloons.



We will put them so that the two yellow balloons are on top and the sky blue ones below.