Lesson 19º










Now we are going to make the butterfly's body.

Inflate the green balloon less than 3/4 of its capacity.



Here you can see the green balloon.

We have not inflated it to the maximum because later we will need speace to move the balls into different places.



Now create two small balls at either end of the balloon. We can use these balls to represent the butterfly's eyes.




This is what the first ball should look like.



Here you can see how we move the air ball to the other side.



Leave the ball at the end.



This is how we will leave the balloon.

The ends will be the butterfly's eyes.



Now pass the green balloon around the central part of the yellow and sky blue balloons. Join the two balls that we have made so that they can't move.



The balloon will be around the centre.



Here you can see where we join the balls.



It is easy to join them. As you can see, all you have to do is twist the balls a couple of times.



Here you can see the butterfly's eyes.



Here you can see where we are up to.



Now we are going to add some colour.

We will use the red balloon to make a contrast.

We will cut it becasue we are only going to use a very small part of it.



Inflate it.




We can make the butterfly's feelers.

Join the red balloon to the green balloon.



Tie a simple knot.



We will leave the red balloon as a feeler.



Now we have finished the butterfly.

I hope that you have enjoyed making this figure. It is a pretty fugure.

You can use it to decorate an event, I'm sure it will be successful.

I hope you practise at home and that you enjoy making it.



Let's continue with the course.

Let's make another figure....continue with us.