Lesson 23º










Now we are going to show you have to make a monkey.

It is easy to make. However, take note that the process is different.



Materials Needed:

1 orange balloon 270

Balloon pump



The process is the same: Inflate the balloon so that it is 3/4 of its capacity and then tie the end in a knot.

Make the first ball which we will use for the monkey's nose.



The second ball has to be smaller, as we will use it to represent the eye.

Remember, you should always hold onto the first ball when you are making the second ball. Don't let go.



Here you can see the second ball which will be one of the eyes.



The third ball should be a little bigger than the second as we are going to use it for the monkey's head.



Now we will make a fourth ball the same size as the other eye.

Once you have finished making the four balls - pass the knot from the nose through the knot of the last eye you have just made. You can get an idea from the photos.



Pass the first knot through the last knot that you have just made.



As you can see, we have just made the monkey's face.



Here you can see the monkey's head.



Now we will make another ball which we can use for the neck.



Then we will take what is left of the balloon and use it to form a U.

Pass the knot from the Uthrough the neck of the monkey to form the monkey's arms.



Twist it twice.



Your monkey should look like this:

As you can see the way we make the legs is different to how we made the dog's legs.



Next lesson we will continue with the monkey.