Lesson 24º










We have already made the first part of the monkey.

Now we will make a longer ball which will be the monkey's back.



In the photo you can see the monkey's body.



Repeat the same process to form the monkey's back legs.

Form another U and pass the knot of the U through the knot you made for the monkey's body.

This way you have created the legs and the rest of the balloon is for the tail.





Twist the balloon twice so that it doesn't come undone.



Here you can the balloon.



As you can see it is very sweet.



You can place the monkey in the palm tree that you made previously.

Place the sky blue balloon into the monkey's arms and legs.



Here you can see how we do it.




As you can see it is very easy.



Here you can see the monkey in the palm tree.

It is very sweet and really easy to do.

These balloon figures are very pretty and children will love you for making them.



Now lets make another figure.