Lesson 25º










Now we are going to make one of the easiest figures - a flower.

We can make the flower and use it to decorate special events.



Materials needed:

5 red balloons # 9

1 yellow balloon #9



Inflate the 5 red ballooons. Don't inflate them too much as we don't want them to burst when we are working with them.

Try and ensure that they are each the same size.



Now inflate the yellow balloon which we can use for the centre of the flower.

Make this smaller than the rest of balloons.



Here you can see the balloons that we are going to use to make the flower.



Now we are going to join them one by one.



Once we have joined the first two balloons, add the third and so on.





Take the yellow balloon and put it in the middle of the red balloons.

Later we will tie it to the rest of the balloons.



Here you can see the flower.

As you can see it is pretty and easy to make.

You can decorate a room with these figures.

Anyone can make them as you can buy the balloons anywhere.



We hope that you are enjoying this course because we have made it especially for you.