Lesson 26º











Materials needed:

4 blue balloons 270

2 red balloons 270

1 orange balloon 9

1 green balloon 9

1 red balloon 9

1 yellow balloon 9

3 balloons with sectioned balls

Double sided tape


Pump to inflate balloons



Inflate the green, yellow and red balloons so that they are the same size. We will use these to represent the heads of the three friends.




Take the sectioned white balloon and cut it to the same size as the second balloon.

Tie a knot once you have cut the balloon.




Inflate the balloon with the pump



Here you can see the balloon.



Make two small balls, these will be the eyes of one of the figures.



Now we are going to continue with the yellow balloon.

Cut one part of the yellow balloon, tie a knot and inflate it, this will give us the nose.



Inflate the balloon with the pump.



Here you can see the balloon once it has been inflated.



Once you have inflated the yellow balloon which we will use for the nose, tie a knot and join the two knots together.

This will make it look rounder.




This will be the nose of one of the figures.

As you can see this is very easy to do.



Now we will make the base.

Inflate the long balloon.



Here you can see what the balloon looks like once it has been inflated.

Don't inflate the balloon to the maximum. You need to be able to manipulate it.




Now we will start making the balls.



Make a longer ball.



Join it to the first fold that we made.



Here we are joining them.



Repeat the process.