Lesson 5º










To start with:

Take the end of the balloon where the knot is.

Make a bubble and some small balls: make one slightly larger to represent the nose and then four smaller bubbles or small balls, which we can use to represent the eyes and ears. In total we will make 5 balls or bubbles in the balloon.



Now you can see what we are referring to....how to make small balls or bubbles..however you want to call them.

You can see the balloon and how we twist it to get a small ball.



The next one will be slightly bigger than the others that we will make later.



Here you can see the difference in size for the one that we made previously for the nose.



The key to ensure that the balls don't come undone is the following:

When we make the first ball, do not let go of it until you have finished.

Then hold onto it whilst you make another...and so on.

If you let go of the ball that you have just made, it will not have enough retention and it will come undone.

You need to twist each ball twice.