Lesson 6º










Once we have made the 5 small balls or bubbles, we can go onto making the balloon look like a dog.

Take the nose of the dog "the slightly bigger ball" and pass it throught the last knot that you made, so that the four smaller balls can represent the eyes and ears.

Look at the procedure in the following photos:

In this photo you can see the 5 balls:



Get hold of the bigger ball which we are going to use for the nose and twist it a couple of times.



We are trying to make it stay:



Now make another ball or bubble - we can use this as the neck.

Try and make it the same size as the one we made for the nose; that's to say a little bigger as we can use this as an axis to create the dog's legs and body.

Here you can see what I have done with the 6 balls: