Lesson 8º










Let's continue making the dog's body.

Now we are going to make another ball. However, this time it is going to be bigger. It is going to represent the dog's body.



We are making the dog's torso.

Hold onto the ball so that it doesn't come undone.



Later we will make another 4 balls.

These will be the back legs.




We can follow the same procedure that we used for the front legs.

With your left hand, take hold of the big ball, so that it doesn' come undone and make four bubbles which you can use for the back legs.

As you can see the procedure is very simple.

It is very important that you learn how to fix the balls so that they don't later come undone.




When you have completed the four balls (for the back legs) add them to the dog's torso.



Twist in order to fix the balls.




Here you can see how we add the balls to the dog's body.



Here you can see how the dog is coming along.



Here you can see the dog's back legs.



Now we are going to make the dog's tail.