Lesson 9º










We are now going to make the dog's tail.

In this case, we will make a ball and then another smaller ball and then tie a knot.



Make a ball which we can use as the tail.



Here you can see how the tail looks.



Now make an even smaller ball.

With the remaining part of the balloon make a knot to seal it. This way you can carefully deflate the part that you are not going to use and cut it off.



Here you can see the end result.

We have made the tail smaller by making a knot and deflating the balloon; you can also make a ball at the tip of the balloon and give the dog a long tail.

It is optional.



You can now draw the dog's face or if you prefer it without you can leave it.

We will show you how to draw the dog's face if you choose to do so.

Take the black marker pen and draw the nose and the dog's smile. The knot can be the dog's tongue.





Now, we are going to draw the eyes. You can draw them how you like.




As you can see it is easy to draw on the balloon.



Now draw the paws.



End result: a fun dog. Remember you can use whichever colour you prefer to draw on the balloon.



We hope that you have enjoyed making the balloon dog.

You can leave the tail as it is or make a small ball on the end, this is optional.

This figure is ideal at a kid's party. You can use it to decorate the room.



Now lets make another balloon shape!!