Lesson 11ª








Gardenia (III)

The gardenia requires fertilizers that are rich in phosphorus and potassium and those that confer acid to the bottom. The best formulas are 20-20-20, 15-15-15 or12-12-17-2.

If the fertilizer comes as granules, we can apply it once a month (as you can see in the photo). You should always ensure that the granules remain a reasonable distance away from the plant's stem.

You should bear in mind, that when fertilizer comes as granules, you should always water the plant more frequently as the water helps to dissolve the fertilizer.

If the fertilier comes in a liquid format, you should always give the correct dosis as indicated on the usage instructions.

You should apply granulated fertilizers once a month and liquid fertilizers every 15 or 20 days.

Now add the white rubble, which we will not only use to decorate the plant but also to keep the surface loose, thus improve the circulation of the water in the pot.

Leave a circle around the base of the gardenia.

With the red rubble we mark out the circle.

The rubble totally changes the appearance of the plant.