Lesson 17ª








Heliconeas (IV)

When you can see that the foliage has grown, you can start to prune.

As with all plants, we should carry out two different types of pruning.

Shaping pruning is something that you should do in the first couple of years and the objective is to make the plant more leafy and lush.

This type of pruning will stimulate the growth of buds.

This will make the plant more productive. Generally, shaping pruning should be carried out every two months during the first year.

We can also prune in order to eliminate the leaves and dry parts of the plant.

Also, carrying out this type of pruning, we can see if our plant has any type of plague or illness.

The results will be healthy plants that permanently flower.

Take time to look after your plants. They can help you to relax and clear your mind.