Lesson 3ª








Begonias (I)

Before we begin with poting the Begonia, I am going to tell you about the ideal conditions for this plant.

The soil needs to have a porous texture so that it can easily access water and air. It also needs plenty of room for its roots to grow. It is essential that the plant has a high level of organic material in order to give it its essential nutrients.

We will show you how you can prepare the ideal soil for the Begonia:

You need black soil, rubble and dead leaves or compost.

Now place the rubble into the pot. You can buy rubble in a garden centre or if you prefer, you can use sand.

Take one part of the black earth (earth that is rich in organic components) and place it into the pot. You can also buy the earth in a garden centre.

And we add two parts dead leaves or compost.