Lesson 39ª








African Violet (III)

African violets prefer a temperature of around 18 - 24 degrees during the day and 16-20 degrees at night.

If the temperature is very low, our plants will grow slowly and if the temperature is above 30 degrees, the leaves will start to stretch and dry out and flowering will be very scarse.

Light - this plant needs bright light. However, it doesn't like direct sun light.

Therefore, it is best to place this plant next to a window.

You should water the violets regularly to aid their growth and flowering.

The best way to determine if they need watering is by touching the soil. When about half a inch of the surface is dry, it is time to water.

Try not to expose them to long dry periods or too much humidity as this will affect the plant.

Fertilizer - it is best to use balanced formulas for the violets. At garden centres they sell fertilizer especially for violets.