Lesson 9ª








Gardenia (I)

Using gloves for this process is optional. We don't usually use them. However, if you are a beginner and you don't feel happy working without them, always use them, as they will help you to avoid catching any type of fungus.

Lets begin by placing the earth into the pot with the help of the shovel.

We shouldn't fill up the pot with earth; we should consider the space that the plant occupies.

Using the shovel, stir the earth in the centre of the pot and leave a hole approximately 20 cm deep.

In the base of the hole, place a few grains of fertilizer with the formula 16-20-0. This means that it has 16% nitrogen which favours the growth of the plant, 20% phosphorus which stimulates the development of the roots and flowering and 0% potassium.

This formula favours the plant in this stage when we need to develop the roots and growth.