Social Skills







Lesson 1 Contents and Objectives of social skills course
Lesson 2 Self Evaluation
Lesson 3 Self Evaluation of social skills II
Lesson 4 Social beings
Lesson 5 Basic competences needed for the work market
Lesson 6

How do we develop our social competences?

Lesson 7

Why don't we always behave in a socially competent way?

Lesson 8 Definition of social skills
Lesson 9 Socially skilled behaviour
Lesson 10 Components of social behaviour
Lesson 11 Non verbal components
Lesson 12 Non verbal communication components
Lesson 13 Facial expressions
Lesson 14 The smile
Lesson 15 Body posture
Lesson 16 Body movements
Lesson 17 Hand movements
Lesson 18 Head movements
Lesson 19 Physical contact
Lesson 20 Paralinguistic components of social skills
Lesson 21 Fluidity
Lesson 22 Verbal components of social skills
Lesson 23 Stages to change our social competence
Lesson 24 Basic Human Rights
Lesson 25 Styles of behaviour and communication
Lesson 26 Passive or inhibited style
Lesson 27 Aggressive style
Lesson 28 Assertive style
Lesson 29 Examples of assertive behaviour
Lesson 30 Changing erroneous behaviour



Carmen Rodríguez Valdivieso

Psychology graduate from the Univeristy of Granada (Spain)