Lesson 26º









As a leader, you have to demand a common vision, one which can be shared with the whole team.

The whole team should know what the fixed goals are.

However, this common vision isn’t incompatible with the decentralized structure, in which every department enjoys certain autonomy over how they organize their work.

The organization will give their best when the employees have certain freedom to develop their job.

Besides, it is a sign that the leader trusts them; this is something that the employees will value.

The opposite happens when the leader interferes in everything, restricting the freedom of people, generating a tense environment. With this attitude the leader will only achieve diminishing the employee’s creativity and will to innovate (the employee will only do what the leader asks).

Amongst the advantages of a decentralized system are the following:

The employees feel more responsible, they favour decision making and responding to results.

It is a more agile structure that reacts quicker.

The feeling of being part of a company is strengthened (when the leader treats people with maturity they will give more of themselves).

So that the decentralization is not incompatible with the common culture of the organization, the leader should create communication in all directions (descending, ascending and horizontal).

The leader has to make sure the employees know each other, that there aren’t watertight departments. The leader has to ensure that the group shares common values.