Lesson 31º









The vision of an authentic leader is to do something big, something that lasts and something that lives on.

The leader should not limit himself to looking for objectives in the short term, not look for only doing good for the company whilst he is working there.

The leader wants to leave his mark, contribute to something useful and long lasting that benefits the company, the employees and the society in general.

Necessity to satisfy the ego: if this was the only reason he would have a weak and limited concept of leadership.

He is convinced that he should take advantage of his capacity to contribute, to improve the quality of life of the people around him.

To reach this objective the leader should: worry about creating a culture and a work system within the organization which will live on after he leaves. To do this he has to make sure that the way he works, the way he looks for excellence spreads to all levels of the company.

Besides, he has to worry abut forming new leaders, so that when the moment arises, they can take the company by the reins.

On the other hand, the leader should know when it is a good idea to retire and give way to new people.

When his energy and abilities begin to decrease, when he is being pushed strongly from behind, from people with new ideas, with new vigour, the leader should know how to stand back and allow others to take the helm.

The leader shouldn’t wait to hear people ask for a substitute.

The leader should be conscious that his position at the head of the company is temporary and that it will maintain only whilst he is the person that “pushes” the most.

A leader that doesn’t accept standing down that clutches his position can end up deeply harming the organization.