Lesson 1 Concept of Loyalty
Lesson 2 Client Satisfaction
Lesson 3 Fundamental Loyalty Factors
Lesson 4 Explaining Loyalty
Lesson 5 Advantages of being a Loyal Customer
Lesson 6 Advantages of Loyalty
Lesson 7 Managing the service
Lesson 8 Value and Services Provided
Lesson 9 Value Perceived by the clients
Lesson 10 Internal Marketing
Lesson 11 Organizational principles. Reenginering. Success factors
Lesson 12 Expectations
Lesson 13 Desired Service
Lesson 14 Expected Service
Lesson 15 Perceptions
Lesson 16 Flaws in the Quality of Service
Lesson 17 Quality Expectations
Lesson 18 Improving the Service
Lesson 19 Implementing a Quality Plan
Lesson 20 Quality Plan. Redesigning the procedures
Lesson 21 Relational Marketing
Lesson 22 Relational Marketing
Lesson 23 Relational Marketing Strategy
Lesson 24 Relational Marketing Strategy
Lesson 25 Implanting Relational Marketing
Lesson 26 Relational Sales
Lesson 27 Dimensions of Relational Marketing
Lesson 28 Targeting the consumer. Organizational Factors
Lesson 29 Clients dissatisfaction and retention
Lesson 30 Time it takes to respond
Lesson 31 Recovery of Service
Lesson 32 Loyalty Instruments
Lesson 33 Loyalty Programmes
Lesson 34 Customer Relationship Management
Lesson 35 Data Base Management