Lesson 10º








Internal Marketing

In order to get good satisfactory customer service, it is necessary to motivate and train personnel. Customer service is especially important in companies where there is a lot of interaction with clients.

The company should develop internal marketing to ensure the employees give customer satisfaction. To ensure this it is necessary to implant a series of principals:

a) The importance of the company's personnel. Management should be aware of the importance of the company's employees.

b) Personnel should offer additional services. A client can demand additional services in order to be satisfied.

c) Training. It is increasingly important to train employees that are in contact with clients so that they can advise them, provide additional services and carry out processes quicker and without mistakes.

d) Internal Communication. The process of internal communication is vital in order to have information available that allows an employee to be able to attend to a client and motivate colleagues.

e) The capacity off communication and how to treat the client. An aspect to promote is the capacity of communication and being pleasant to Sclients.

f) The employee should have means available. This is a fundamental aspect that allows the employee to provide a good service. Information and means are what allows the employee to relate to the clients and quickly resolve many questions without having to taking the matter to a higher level.