Lesson 28º








Targeting the consumer. Organizational Factors

Targeting consumers that propose relational marketing, demands a new way of organizing work and a great deal of internal marketing.

Here are some fundamental factors to ensure a successful relational marketing plan:

1. Decentralized decisions. The need to adapt quickly to a client demands decentralization when decision making.

2. Adapting to the consumer. As we have previously mentioned, personalizing a service is one of the pillars of relational marketing.

3. Communication and worrying for the consumer. The new work organization is orientated at providing communication and worrying for the consumer.

4. Non-detailed work descriptions. Adapting at every moment to satisfy each consumer on a personalized level requires non-detailed description of the job positions.

5. Few organizational levels. The speed of making a decision, improving internal communication, giving power to employees that are in contact with clients and saving costs, strengthen companies to establish organizational flat structures.

6. Departments focused on products/clients. The organization and company structure should be made thinking about and concentrating on the clients.

7. Efficiency should be valued. Resolving client problems, how fast you react and the control of costs are valued.

8. Values: flexibility, creativity, dynamism, group spirit, ability to innovate and personal motivation.