Lesson 30º








Time it takes to respond

One of the fundamental aspects of a consumer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the time it takes someone to respond to them. The consumer gives more or less importance to the length of time that it takes someone to respond to them depending on what phase they are in:

a) Initial search. Overcrowding is an indicator of quality and reduces the risk. We consider it a positive sign when a restaurant is busy.

b) Disruption in the service can have harmful effects. Consumers do not appreciate disruption when they are eating.

One of the essential aspects in the services is the time it takes to respond and how a company has its customer services set up. It is necessary to manage the consumer’s waiting time and bear in mind that:

a) Consumers that are not occupied feel that time goes by slowly. A good team should try and distract the client that is waiting to be attended.

b) Provide a role. It is important to provide a role for the people and give them the feeling of control and avoid tension. E.g. watching a video or reading a magazine.

c) Anxiety makes time go by slowly. Inform the client about the reasons why he/she is waiting and the time that he/she will have to wait. This can decrease the stress and reduce the client’s uncertainty.

d) When the services are personalized the client feels happy to wait a certain amount of time.