Lesson 6º








Advantages of Loyalty

Consumer Advantages:

1. Reduce the perceived risk. A consumer that has to choose between various alternatives is scared of making a mistake. Going to an unknown dentist can cause a certain amount of anxiety. A client that goes regularly to a dentist that he trusts reduces the feeling of risk and the fear of making a mistake.

2. Receive a personalized service. Loyal clients can receive a personalized service. The dentist that we always goes to knows our medical history. The hairdresser that we always use knows what we like and adapts her service. Waiters that know the clients can adapt the service to the particular tastes of every client without asking too many questions.

3. Avoid the costs of changing. Changing supplier has a psychological cost, requires effort, time to look, perceived risk and even monetary cost like, for example, when we want to change mortgages.