Lesson 7º








Managing the service

Link with clients:

The client loyalty process makes sporadic clients transform into faithful clients that maintain tight links with the company. These clients can diffuse possitive messages and attract new consumers.

We can differentiate a series of stages or steps that get to the client that doesn't know our company to convert them into a fan of our virtues.

1. Possible Client. A consumer that probably doesn't know us but is situated within our zone or our market. For exmaple, a client that lives in close proximity to our bank.

2. Potential Client. A person that has the adequate characteristics to buy our product or service.

3. Buyer. Someone who has carried out a punctual purchase operation.

4. Possible client. Someone who buys from us occasionally and also buys from our competition. We are not their main supplier.

5. Regular Client. They buy from us repeatedly but they also buy from other companies.

6. Exclusive client. They only buy these types of products from us. They don't buy from the competition.

7. Propagandist. Convinced of the advantages of our offer. They transmit positive messages to other consumers about our company. They give us propaganda and recommend our service to other consumers. It is important to look after these types of clients, give them information, arguments and get them to bring new consumers. For example, the majority of a dentists clients go to that dentist because they have been recommended by other clients. Therefore, it is interesting to give them information, family discounts, the ability to attract other consumers.