Painting in Oils Course


Lesson 1
Lesson 2 Painting materials and tools
Lesson 3 The materials
Lesson 4 The brushes
Lesson 5 Spatulas
Lesson 6 The canvas
Lesson 7 Primary colours
Lesson 8 The colours
Lesson 9 The colour yellow
Lesson 10 The colour blue
Lesson 11 The colour red in oil paints
Lesson 12 The secundary colours in the oil painting
Lesson 13 Complementary colours
Lesson 14 Cold and hot colours
Lesson 15 Starting the painting
Lesson 16 Mixing colours
Lesson 17 Painting the sky
Lesson 18 Painting the base of the sky
Lesson 19 The clouds
Lesson 20 Mixing colours to paint the sky
Lesson 21 The lights and shadows
Lesson 22 Painting the sea
Lesson 23

Brush strokes needed to paint the sea

Lesson 24 Painting the sea
Lesson 25 The brush stroke
Lesson 26 Marking the horizon
Lesson 27 The feeling of movement
Lesson 28 The colour: shadows and lights
Lesson 29 Shadows and lights
Lesson 30 Painting a landscape (1)
Lesson 31 Painting a landscape (2)
Lesson 32 Final effect
Lesson 33 Looking after the brushes (1)
Lesson 34 Looking after the brushes (2)