Lesson 4º








Inflated self-esteem

Characteristics of people with inflated self-esteem

If we bear in mind the basic elements of Freud, we can guess the characteristics of a person with inflated self-esteem.

They believe they can do everything; there is nobody better than themselves.

They believe they are always right and that they never make any mistakes.

They are excessively confident of themselves; as a result they don’t see the risks of their actions.

They believe everyone loves them.

They speak out of turn and are scandalous.

They don’t consider anyone when they carry out their tasks or carryout any type of activity.

In general, people reject them for knowing everything.

They love themselves.

They are vain, but in an extreme way they are “narcissistic”. Narciso was a beautiful young boy who used to go everyday to the lake to look at his beauty. He was so fascinated by himself that one day he fell into the lake and drowned. Where he drowned a flower was born which people called a Narciso (daffodil).

They feel attractive (not necessarily in a physical aspect).

They believe they are the most interesting people in the world.

They are very sure of themselves.

They believe they are natural winners.

They believe they have the best bodies.

They believe they have an impact on everyone they meet.

They like people to praise them.

They believe everyone is obliged to love them.

They believe they are their best friends.

They think they never make mistakes, but they attack others when they make a mistake.

They are usually always friendly to people: they accept people without judging them.

They fell happy and completely happy on their own.

They are constantly worrying about their health.

They are extremely optimistic.

They believe they deserve more than others.

They want to have the best clothes, perfume and material objects.

They are self-worshipping.