Lesson 1º








Public Speaking

When someone is going to talk in public, it is essential to have a clear idea of the objective of the speech.

You want to transmit information (for example, company results).

You want to give your opinion about a certain topic.

You simply want to entertain people, etc.

If you want to achieve said objective you should focus on intervention.

Public speaking is not limited to giving a speech: public speaking is about sucessfully communicating with those around you, and transmitting your ideas.

Public speaking is an opportunity which needs to be taken advantage of.

A reduced or large group of people will be listening to the speaker, who has one opportunity to transmit his/her ideas, to try and convince the audience.

Therefore, you need to prepare the speech conscientiously, not only elaborating the speech but also rehearsing the way in which you are going to give it.

The speaker needs to get the public interested in what he/she is saying and this means the speaker needs to dominate certain communication techniques.

One thing is knowing the material and the other is knowing how to talk about a certain subject.

Knowing a certain topic is a necessary condition but not enough: you need to know how to present it in an attractive way and be able to get the public's attention without boring them.

The speaker needs to be interesting, suggestive, convincing, etc.

When you are going to talk about a certain topic, the first thing you should make sure of is that you can dominate the subject. In the moment that you agree to talk about a certain topic you should be aware that you should have a far superior knowledge of the subject over that of your audience. The speaker needs to have something interesting to transmit.

You should always avoid talking about a topic which you hardly know anything about because you run the risk of looking ridiculous.

Writing the speech is only one part of the job and probably not the most difficult, or decisive when determining its success.

How the speaker puts across his/her ideas plays a fundamental part.

The smallest speach can be a tremendous success or a complete failure according to how the speaker performs.

Although it is natural to feel nervous when you are going to speak in public, you need to know that the public is not the enemy, and that they are not waiting for you to make the smallest mistake so that they can jump on you.

When people go to an event it is because they are initially interested in the topic which is going to be spoken about and they understand that the speaker is worthy of speaking about such topicl

When you speak in public, you need to concentrate not only on what you say, but also how you say it, the vocabulary that you use, face and hand gestures, the way you dress, etc. The public will notice all of these details and these details will determine your success.