Lesson 11









When you are developing the speech the main arguments will be displayed which will defend the idea defended by the speaker.

You have to be very selective when using the support arguments (no more than four or five).

In this development you shouldn't give too much information. As I mentioned previously you should always try to be brief.

Don't abuse information, details (they hide the fundamental aspects).

You should only give the information that is really relevant.

The development should be agile, combining theoretical concepts, examples, statistical information, dates, comparisons, anecdotes and even including a little humour (this helps to get close to the public).

You need to make sure that these examples, anecdotes, dates, etc.. are relevant, they help the case, make sure you don't use them simply to try and impress the public with your knowledge (the public rejects pedantry).

The development should be balanced, sharing the time between the different parts which you are going to talk about, avoiding talking about one point longer and just skimming another.

You can use, if possible, means of support (blackboard, projector, etc) with the idea of alternating the speech with an image, giving movement to the presentation and making sure it is not monotonous.