Lesson 29º









Once the speech has finished you can organize a debate between the audience to analyze the topic.

Whilst in the question and answer session the speaker replies, whislt in the debate everyone can participate and give their points of view.

For the debate to develop efficiently you need to have a reduced number of attendees (no more than 20/25 people).

The public should be seated in a way that allows everyone to participate.

Around a table (if the number is reduced) or in a semi-circle (if the number is greater).

Before you start the debate, the moderator should introduce the people present or ask them to introduce themselves.

Everyone should give information that is relevant (academic history, experience, etc) so as to give the rest of the people an idea about that person.

The moderator can start the debate by asking a generic question or asking those attending to give their opinion on the topic which has just been talked about.

The moderator should control the speed of the debate, bearing in mind that in the time that they have they can tackle the majority of the relevant points (therefore it is important to have a outline with the points that you want to talk about).

You should also be concerned with its intensity intervening if it is necessary (moving on to new topics, asking questions, etc).

In your role as the moderaton, the speaker should correct where necessary and be polite, but acting with firmness if it is necessary (redirecting the debate if it starts to go off course, correcting someone if they use an inappropriate tone, requesting moderation if the debate starts getting heated, etc).

Try to share the time equally between all of those present, avoiding that only a few monopolize the debate.

When there is five minutes left for the conclusion, you should advise the participants.

Ask each one of them to briefly summarize their point of view.

The moderaton will conclude making a brief summary of the topics which have been talked about and the the points of view which have been expressed.

You will finish by concluding the session and thanking the public for attending.