Lesson 9º








Key Idea

As I mentioned in the previous lesson, the speech will revolve around a main idea (the key idea) which the speaker will give his/her opinion on.

Public speaking gives you an opportunity which you can not waste.

A small or large group of people are waiting for what you are going to say, therefore you have to be extremely selective about the idea that you want to transmit.

You can not waste this opportunity talking about marginal or unrelated topics.

The speaker has to be able to get to the core of the subject.

It is a good idea to concentrate on just one message making it clear, than giving several messages as these will just cause confusion.

When you are talking in public you need to be very concise, avoiding going off on a tangent, as what the public will retain is limited.

To define the key idea you should reflect on the topic for a while and when you are convinced you have the key idea then you can develop your speech.

This main idea will be expressed in the introduction (so that the public knows the position that you are going to defend) you will give various arguments during the development and you will state your opinion in the conclusion.

The speaker's objective needs to be clear so that when he asks for the public's intervention, the public knows perfectly well his/her opinion and the arguments as to why he/she has this opinion.