Lesson 13ª







Introduction to Creating Relationships

In the following Lessons, we will leave theory behind and start putting things into practice. We will learn how to create a relationship and how to manage it to make the most out of this important tool.

We already know that to be able to relate 2 tables, there needs to be a common field between them. To do this, this field needs to comply with some characteristics, for example:

The field must be the same Data type in both Tables (Number-Number, or Text-Text)

It is also necessary for the Field Size to be the same in both tables. We won't be able to relate 2 tables if the field we are trying to relate has a value of only 1 digit (0 to 9), and in the other table, the field has 5 digits (0 to 4999), what will we use to relate the remaining 4989 possible Records?

If a "Father table" has this field defined as "Autonumber", the "Son Table" needs to be defined as a "Number" type