Lesson 23 ª







Managing Forms

This type of view is called "Layout View". It is mainly used to manage the contents of the Form; either by showing the data or introducing and modifying its content.

Given that this is the main tool to manage our data, we will learn how to move around and edit our fields. Be careful, some of these scroll keys won't work in the same way they did in our worksheet. But don't worry, if you run across any problem, you can always use the mouse. In case the mouse doesn't work, we can use the alternative Access has to manage the Records.

The cursor keys Up or Down, Left and Right, and Shift + Tab, or Tab: These 3 keys move up, down and to the bottom or to the top of the fields.

Page Up and Page Down: If there is more information that doesn't fit on the screen, the Page Up will display it while Page Down will return it to its original position.

Control + Page Up: Will take us to the Next Record

Control + Page Down: Will take us to the previous record

To go from the scroll mode into the editing mode, we need to click on F2. As you might have noticed, we make a lot of reference to the scroll mode and editing mode.