Lesson 1ª








In this course, we will try to learn more about the world cats live in. Before choosing a cat as a pet, we should learn a bit more about these animals. This way, we will know whether or not they are appropriate for our family.

There is a phrase which when read for the first time might seem silly, but it is a phrase which throughout the years has been told to many owners:

"a cat is not a small dog"

We are usually tempted to adopt a very cute kitten, which at that moment fits in our pocket, disregarding the care it will need in the future as well as all the socializing it will need to feel as a part of its new family.

The behaviour and character of cats is a very important aspect, one which even encompasses legend in its background. A cat can be a very loving and expressive partner for its owner, if we learn how to interpret their body language.

A cat needs vaccines (as we will see as we move forward in this course) as well as periodic visits to the veterinary to live a long and good quality life.


They are extremely elusive animals. If we don't socialize them properly, they might even become very aggressive and alienate themselves from the family entirely. We must avoid this point.