Lesson 13ª









Their sense of hearing is highly developed in cats. Once again, remember these animals are extremely good hunters. This is one of their best tools for such task. It is quite accurate and developed. We need to pay close attention to their sense of hearing. Their auditory canal is different from ours. It forms a straight angle pointing down due to its position in the head.

When a cat scratches its ears, we need to watchful for a possible otitis. The simplest thing we can do ourselves is to smell its ear. When it is a case of advanced otitis, it will release a very strong and characteristic smell. Otitis is more frequent in long haired races since their hair also grows inside their ears.

When we pick a young kitten up and it is infested with fleas, we should take it to the veterinary to check its ears. In most cases, we find mites inside their ears, which are very annoying and makes them extremely nervous.


As it grows older, our cat will loose this accuracy which in turn will affect their curiosity habit towards their surroundings.