Lesson 14ª









Cats are capable of drawing their "Claws out", in other words they can expose and hide their claws at will. We should provoke this reaction to see the state its claws are in. To do this, we need to press on its pads.

Some claws which are not naturally sanded (as in dogs), need to be trimmed. To do this, we need a special type of clipper or scissors.

We shouldn't cut beyond the pink zone. This zone is irrigated by blood vessels and cutting it would cause a serious bleeding. If this should happen, we need to press the area with a clean gauze. It is better if we take it to the veterinary or a pet grooming saloon for this.

Given the natural instincts of a cat, we rarely need to do this since they are constantly sanding them. We mustn't forget these are their hunting tools. We should prepare areas for them to do this at home. Otherwise, it will use our couch for this.


This is a type of commercial scratcher (for sanding their nails) we can find at pet shops.