Lesson 15ª








How they use their claws.

We already know that cats scratch our furniture to sand its Claws. However, if we let them go outside, they will prefer trees for this task. Despite this, it is not uncommon to find scratches all over the place and not at just one place, which would sound more logical. This is due to another use of their Claws: they use them to mark their territory. They scratch and impregnate doors or any other surfaces they recognize as their own with their smell.

To eliminate this habit, we need to pay close attention to this habit and notice those area they prefer. We must cover these scratches, clean the area and place, if possible, a piece of wood in an area near by.

Whenever they feel in danger, they are their first line of defence. We need to be really careful because these animals have great reflexes and they can hurt us with their claws without us being able to do anything about it.

Cats use them as we would knives to hunt their prey. They use them to grab trees and other surfaces which they use as shelter and a hiding place whenever they hunt. They also scratch surfaces for fun, thus, it is a good idea to get them commercial scratchers.