Lesson 17ª








Socializing period

A 5 week old cat is independent from its mother in its metabolic functions. This is the period to begin its schooling.

The period between 5 and 8 week is the period in which they have a higher capability of socializing. If they are with their mother, they will learn everything from her. They will learn how to groom themselves in the way their mother does. They will imitate the customs of their mother while hunting and strolling out in the garden or street.

This is the best moment to adopt a cat. This is the best moment for it to become used to the ambient noises of its new house. Cats have the tendency of running away from a noise if they don't learn this at this age. An example of an ambient noise could be the door bell; they see it as something usual.

If they get used to people and children at this age, they won't be aggressive when they grow older, since they won't be afraid. The figure of a child is important to them. For cats, a child and an adult are not the same. If it only gets used to adult people, it might turn aggressive in the presence of children when it becomes an adult. In the picture above, we can see a grown cat used to the presence of its young owner.

These cats are used to living with other animals, breaking the dogma of cats being unable to live with other animals. Just the same, they can get used to living with dogs.

This is also the moment for its first visit to the veterinary clinic. It is also advisable for it to get used to this place (will will see this later). As a result, future visits to the clinic will be pleasant.

For both the positive an negative results, this period between 5 to 8 weeks will be marked in its behaviour and customs. It will brand the future character of our cat.

After this period, it will continue learning throughout its life. However, as it grows older, the learning process will be slower.