Lesson 18ª








The first day at home

Depending on the origin of our cat, this day will be one way or another.

If we pick it up from the house where it was born with its family, it will get used to our home quickly because of what it learned from its mother and siblings.

If we pick it up from a pet shop or an animal centre, we need to show it its importance from the first day.

If we pick it up from the street, we need to be patient because it will be more afraid and probably learned from bad experiences. However, doing things right, this animal need our love more than others.

When it arrives home, we must allow it some time to run curious around the house. Don't scare it or stress it by grabbing it all the time. It will rub itself all over the place leaving its smell. We must allow this process to run its course in a calm manner. Above all, we need to let it come to us under its own terms.

We need to show it where its water and food is, as well as where its bed and sand-box (for urine and faeces)will be.

We need to let it know which places are forbidden from day one. Disobedience in cats is widely known, but if we teach them from the start, they will learn. Since they are easily scared, we just need to scold them raising our voice or by simply making a dry and loud noise whenever they climb in a place where they shouldn't.

It is advisable for use to reward them whenever they are behaving properly from the start. We can use products in the market or homemade rewards, respecting their regular diet. The example below is a picture of milk buds. They are a common type of reward.

We shouldn't give these products too often, though. They should only be given if its followed by good behaviour.