Lesson 22 ª









Different than dogs, cats adopt the same posture when urinating; they lower themselves by bending their hind legs. And the always scratch the floor (dig with their claws) to bury it.

This male cat is urinating the same way as a female cat would.

Nevertheless, there is another way in which cats urinate. They place themselves vertically impregnating the entire surface behind them with urine. This urine is never buried or camouflaged. They do this to mark their territory.

We should pay attention to the urine of our cat, specially if it is a male cat (and how old this male cat is). It is advisable for us to take our cats for a check up every year after they are 7 years old. This is an animal which has the tendency of developing kidney stones which can obstruct its urethra blocking the exit of urine. This is a very serious problem and a reason for an emergency visit to the veterinary. If it is detected before an obstruction, a specific diet would be enough to solve this problem.

By touching their stomach, you will notice a hardened "ball", which represents a bladder full of urine. If our pet has an obstruction, we need to visit the veterinary as soon as possible.