Lesson 3ª








When we need to use a feeding bottle

Unfortunately, it is quite common to find newly born kittens abandoned on the streets. How should we feed it?

When kittens are under 1 month old (we can notice this by seeing only their fangs in theirs mouths and their undeveloped motor skills), we should feed them milk specifically designed for kittens using a feeding bottle. It is better if we use this type of milk (any brand) than using the common type of milk we have at home. Even if the regular kind of milk is less harmful to cats than to dogs, it the case of kittens, it is better if we use cat specific milk since its intestine is not completely prepared for the regular type.

We should feed it in demand. In other words, we will notice that the kitten is calm after being fed but a couple of hours later, it will be restless due to hunger. It will meow letting us know it is hungry. The span of time in between feeding periods will increase as it grows. You might even need a bigger feeding bottle.

The amount of milk you should feed it with will be indicated in a label depending on the weight of our cat. The position in which we should feed our kitten must be with their bellies down, mimicking the position it would take if being fed by its mother. If we were to grab it as we would a baby, the liquid can easily go to a lung, provoking pneumonia through inhalation. We can also use a small pillow for the kitten to lie its head down.