Lesson 30 ª









A way of reducing the amount of hair during the period of shedding/moulting, is by grooming them ourselves. This way, we will gather the hair ourselves.

This is almost a must in races of long fur/hair, such as the persian, and not so noticeable in races of short hair/fur; unless our cat doesn't have the custom of grooming itself. This is the case of kittens which didn't have a mother to learn from. In this case, we need to brush it even if they have short fur.

If we want to brush our cat and turn this activity into a pleasant one for both of us, we need to build this custom from the first day it arrives home, even if it is not necessary. Thus, it will consider it to be something normal and it will interpret it as a display of "affection" from its owner.


If we attempt to brush a long, knotted hair of a cat which has never been brushed before, it is most likely that the experience won't be pleasant for either the cat and its owner.

We need to remember that cats have this period of investigation and acknowledgement of their surroundings. We must take advantage of this to implement customs which will be necessary in the future.

There are several types of brushes in the market. At first, we need to choose soft bristles. As they become used to them, we can choose the one which best suits our cat.