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Trimming their hair/fur

Just as we are used to seeing how owners take their dogs for hair/fur trimming, cat owners do the same. However, there is a difference. Cats need to be anaesthetized for this procedure. They are frightened of the noise made by the trimming machine. Thus, we need to take them to the veterinary to perform it properly. There have been some cases of owners trimming the furs of their own cats, but it is not so common.

When should its hair/fur be trimmed?

If our cat has a long fur and we haven't brushed it, as a result, it has knotted - other wise known as strands of hair which have become so messed up they can't be separated. This doesn't allow a proper ventilation for the animal's skin, which in turn provokes the growth of bacteria and severe dermatitis. For this reason, it is advisable for their fur to be trimmed to discover if in fact there is a case of dermatitis or to prevent it at an early stage.

Some owners usually trim the hair of their animals in those hot months in the year. By doing this often, we alter their natural temperature regulator. In this case, we can't interrupt the process since our cat would have a much more difficult time adjusting to new temperatures than those cats which have never been trimmed at all.