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Health Certificate and Passport

However, if we need to travel outside the country and we are taking our cat, a Health Certificate is of no value. We need a PASSPORT. This is given by a veterinary. It will have all the information regarding the animal, such as its vaccines and A Health Certificate is a booklet which has the record of the vaccines and anti-parasites our cat has. In case our cat scratches or bites someone, we can prove it is vaccinated.

It can only be used by a veterinary for every vaccine. The vet must sign it and place the seal of his/her college, as well as the seal of his/her clinic. This is done to guarantee that a vet has vaccinated the animal.

Health Certificates are official documents which belong to autonomous communities but are valid all over the country; in this case, Spain.


anti-parasites. The example below is a passport valid all over Europe.


This document is the same for both cats and dogs. We need to specify the species in the proper slot.