Lesson 37 ª








Identifying our cat

Cats need to be identified by law, in the same manner as dogs, using a microchip.

The microchip is placed on the left side, near the cervicothoracic, beneath the skin. It will be there its entire life. When the cat passes away, we need to relieve the microchip and fill a document.

After we implant the microchip in a cat, we need to fill an official document with the official seal of the college of the veterinary doctor, the information regarding the cat, its owner, and the clinic where it takes place.


Once it is inside the skin of our cat, we can scan it (a scanner which reads any type of microchip). A series of numbers will appear on the screen, which will identify our cat. These numbers will go to a database next to the information corresponding to the animal, its owner and its veterinary. Then, some documents need to be filled and signed by both parties involved. The picture below shows an example of such scanner.

This is also a way to control the abandonment of these animals. We can always know who its owner is and thus knowing who abandoned the cat.

When our pet is lost or stolen, we need to notify our veterinary, who in turn, will notify it in the database to let it be known it isn't a case of abandonment.