Lesson 4ª








From milk to food

In order for them to begin taking solid food, or if we have pick one up which looks to be over 1 month old, we should mix their Cat food with milk or warm water in a low bowl to make it easier for the kitten to reach its contents. We should feed it several times a day along with clean fresh water in a comfortable place.

We can also use moist fodder. There are some commercial canned types specific for this age.

We need to chop this type of food into smaller pieces at first.

From this moment up to when they are 3 months old, our cat will get used to these tastes. Due to this, if we are planning on feeding it with dry cat food as it grows older, we shouldn't feed it with this type of moist canned food for too long. Every change in its diet should be done gradually, though.

If we have a female cat with its kittens, we will notice how they begin eating Cat food along side their mother, moved by their capabilities of investigating their surroundings as they are little. This makes the transition to dry cat food easier because they will be breast feeding and eating solid food at the same time. We need to be careful of giving kitten cat food to the mother.

These kittens already eat dry food but are still breast feeding.